Kayne Has A Thing For Libras!

Fashion Designer of Ghita, Alexis Phifer
It's no surprise that Kanye West has a thing for the ladies, but all of his main chicks have been Lavish Libras! He even confess his love for Libras back in 2010, about only dating women of the wonderful zodiac. Read more below to check out pics of Kanye's Libra love quest in order...

He even gave showed us love back in 2010 :-)

Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton

Amber Rose
 BTW I'm loving this look on Kanye, with the Levi's Denim Jacket w/ Trench Coat (he always brings the good men's fashion)

Kim Kardashian

This Lavish Libra ladies are obviously very different, but one thing the do have in common is they're equally very fashionable in their own way! One of the Libra character traits are that they love & adore fashion. So why wouldn't he fall for a Libra, we're fabulous! 



  1. Hmmm that's an interesting observation! Our little sis is a Libra and she's definitely pretty lavish too, and we've yet to meet a Libra girl who doesn't adore fashion ;) Cute blog by the way!

    1. I myself, have always been obsessed with fashion...Yes Libras are wonderful people. And you girls seem pretty lavish too, I love a sister duo! Thanx for checking out the blog. I will be sure to checkout Ali & Vic!