Brandy's Back?...She Never Left!

It's been 6 days since "Two Eleven" released and I'm loving the reviews that Brandy has been getting from the new album! She definitely deserves all the credit. Brandy is one of my absolute favorite artist, ever since her "Brandy", "Moesha" and "Never Say Never" days. From the albums to all the movies, everyone that knows me, knows how much I'm a huge fan. I remember when "Never Say Never" debuted in 98'. I was so excited, I had my dad take my to the nearby Sam Goody to purchase it (I miss those record stores, they need a comeback), so young, but I had a love for R&B. Even the albums that didn't do so "good" on the charts were still good albums, such as "Afrodisiac", one of her greatest albums that was completely underestimated, I think the world wasn't ready for the album at the time it debuted.

This time around as always, I'm absolutely loving this new album. It's a new refresh sound and a new confidence that I never heard in Brandy before. It compliments a need for her already established fans "The Stars" and new fans. My album faves are "Wildest Dreams", "Slower" and "Music". The album visuals are completely on point with style and choreography. I think this is her time to shine again and get the credit she deserves. If you haven't heard the album yet, I think you should go listen.

Check out the video teaser for "Wildest Dreams" and India.Arie show Brandy love in a much needed tribute below...

Brandy next single, "Wildest Dream" video teaser.

Lavish Libra India.Arie gives Brandy words of encouragement, that brings her to tears. And performs a Full Moon album favorite "His Is". I so love her!


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