Where Have I Been All Your Life

Hey Lavish people!! I haven't posted a post all 2013, been so busy with work, research, projects and searching for more work! Please forgive me. Happy New Year to you ALL!!! Hope you guys had a wonderful New Year. New dreams and new goals need to be conquered. I'm not one to do the resolution thing but, I love the fact that 2012 is the past.  So whatever mistakes or mishaps happen back then in 2012 was last year's news, so "get up and dust yourself off and try again" in 2013, Aaliyah said it best.

Been so inspired by this look from Lucky Magazine, I'm dreaming on finding the perfect parka for the spring. Here I go with already talking about spring fashion. I was suppose to have my parka last spring, but that's another story. But with fashion you have to always think ahead of seasons "trend forecasting" is the term. Planning on attending NY fashion week this February for the first time, so I'm beyond super excited. As much as I visit New York, I've never been to either Spring or Fall Fashion Week.

Great things in-store for 2013, please continue with me on my journey through my web diary...Always...LAVISHLIBRA

P.S. The past 2 months I developed a slight obsession with bookcases, I guess that comes with me wanting to become more organized. Check out a few of these organized decor bookcases I came across during some researching. Being organized makes life so much easier.



  1. Hi Doll!

    I love how you love color! I must use more of it~ I'm such a neutral gal but I crave how other ladies can embrace it! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Nice post<3

  3. That parka really is great, but I'm loving all of the color on her!