Flashback Friday...Janet

One word....ICON! I'm such a huge fan of Janet Jackson even when I was younger, you would hear her iconic "Rhythm Nation" songs taking over the radio in the early 90s. But as I got older and wiser I learned to appreciate her music and impact even more. What I always loved about Janet is that she attacks all subject matters from love, making love to heartbreak and even politics in her music! Her style is so unique and like no other, she always finds ways to reinvent herself (this particular Native Tribal look is one of my favorites) . Does the name Tina Landon ring a bell, it will after you watch this video, Check out this vintage choreography & making of the video "If" below...

I love this making of the "If" video, . Tina Landon did such an amazing job with the choreography. She is one of the greatest choreographers, the original "Bomb, Bomb Cat"! She has done most of Janet's work in the  90s, even the ultimate top video of all times her and Michael's "Scream". Janet with her sultry innocence (she has a personality like no other).


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