Beyonce Countdown 2013

One year after giving birth, Beyonce surely has her calender locked down with all these anticipated events for fans. HBO Documentary Special which was directed by King B herself, NFL Superbowl Halftime Show Takeover and New Album. I'm thinking Half Time Party in the works?? Always looking forward to new Beyonce material, but mainly anticipating the Miguel collaboration (he has really brought back the refreshing feel good music back to life)

I think her documentary "Life is but a Dream" is her special way to tap into the reality scene, since it's so trendy these days, so whether you like it or not, the world can't get enough of reality TV. But I will definitely be tuning in, have you seen the trailer??? You would wanna watch too, check out the trailer below...

"Life is But a Dream" Trailer. Premieres February 16th, 2013.



  1. Love Bey! Its going to be an exciting year for her!

    Morgan Ashley