DIY Fun.. Antique NightStand

This antique night stand (D.I.Y./ Do It Yourself project) that we had in our family for some years, needed some updating. It was originally in my mother's room, but she wanted to eliminate some space in her bedroom, so I was happy to give it a update and a new location (my bedroom). I used gold leaf spray paint from Michael's Arts and Craft (one of my favorite stores).

I have a slight obsession with metallic's especially gold and sometimes silver (depending on what mood I'm in). I topped it off with antique pieces from my grandmother's living room (lamp and table), mirror from Ross. So, if you have some dated furniture that you're sick of looking at (dresser, headboard, bed, chair, etc) get yourself some spray paint and get spraying :)



  1. great photos, great style

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