Two Reasons..

Love this picture Beyonce posted for two reasons:

 1.) Which means Beyonce is making new music (I love to see artist in the studio making magic, a lot goes into production when creating music.) Music is definitely is a form of art. I respect anyone who keeps the craft going. Music creates significant moments and memories. I know if I hear a song, from any of my favorite artist, I always remember how I felt at that particular moment when I first heard it. Whether the feeling was good or bad, the song will leave a mark in my mind. 

2.) Those freaking two-toned black and white Rag and Bone, leather pants are crazy. I love the combination of black and white. Its so classic! Plus it gives some great color blocking action too! And you're not limited to add a pop of color with that, because the good thing about black and white, whether they're paired up or not they will go with any other color.

Since we're talking about two-tones pants..Checkout these very cute other Rag & Bone pants with leather lambskin panel siding. Just $253 here 


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