Memoirs Of An Intern

Nneka Saran Headquarters- Nneka S. (middle) w/ Interns 2011

As the summer is coming to a close, I know somewhere all the fashionista's are getting ready to go back to school and saying goodbye to their internships. Reflecting on my summer last year 2011, in the same position; ending my internship and heading back to college to complete my senior year...(Memories)!!

I say to any individual who is aspiring to land a career in that dream job you always wished, to get as much experience as possible. Internships are the perfect opportunity to make your mark in the industry. Particularly, in the fashion industry it's all about putting yourself out there and networking to meet the right people, simply being at the right place at the right time! I gained so much experience and skills at places I interned in the past, and it shaped me as an individual.

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A day at the Nneka Saran Headquarters 2011. YouTube video and photos courtesy of Nneka Saran.

One of the many fabulous handbags from the Nneka Saran collection

Nneka Saran was recently featured in the August 2012 issue of Essence Magazine, and her handbags can be seen worn by some of today's hottest celebs. Check out her website for more info 

Fifty-Two Showroom Internship 2006

This was my very first internship in the heart of Tribeca, New York @Fifty-Two Showroom. I was a Showroom Intern, it was a great experience. I learn the preparation that a showroom goes through to prep for potential buyers and Fashion Week. Great, great experience!!!
I recently came across this article on Tory Burch website The Tory Blog, which features an article called the "The Internship: Tory Burch". It features a Boston University student interning with Tory Burch for the summer. Great article, read below...

Tory Burch
CEO and Designer

Interns are important because…
They are the next generation of leaders — it’s important to mentor them and give them working experience. Likewise, they bring a great perspective and fresh ideas to the table.
Internships are important because…
They help students figure out what they want to do and could possibly open up new avenues. You will be exposed to so many different kinds of roles and positions that you might not have even known existed before your internship.
My internships taught me…
I interned at Christie’s one summer, working in the Chinese Art department — I’m still inspired by the artists and styles I learned about then. There are elements of chinoiserie in our current Fall 2012 collection!

Morgan Stukes
Boston University

This was my dream summer job because…
I have always loved the brand — buying every style and color of the Reva flat. It is an amazing experience to be on the other side of the brand and see what goes into the actual creation of something, like the Tory tunic.
The most important thing I’ve learned so far…
I am a true believer in Tory’s mantra of “grace under pressure.” After hearing her say it the first time we interns met her, I have carried it with me and applied it to everything I do.
The best thing about being an intern…
Being able to have the flexibility to work with any team, whether it be design, production or buying. When you’re hired in the workforce, you won’t have the opportunity to see how every aspect of your company works.


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