You're No Exception

I haven't touched on relationships yet, but love is such a sensitive topic and its a big part of our lives. Its a learning process, which I'm still in the learning stages myself. I am definitely one of those girls who are a big advocate for L.O.V.E.  Its okay to be a sucker for love, but don't ever be stupid for it.

I recently watched this new show on The Lifetime Network called "The Conversation", which is an absolute great show. They talk about life, love, health issues, motherhood, sex, relationships, careers, spirituality, self-esteem issues, wellness etc. The discussion of the topics really stuck with me. Its so real! They talk with celebritys' about real life topics, which is great for the age we live in, because the media doesn't show that side of them, just the glitz and glamour. But, I will get in depth about this show later, they're just fresh out of their first season, which was epic. I'm anticipating the 2nd. Meanwhile check out the host Amanda De Cadnet & all full 8 episodes

I wanna share somethings that Eva Longoria talked about, I think women should do when your in the mid-stages of a breakup with that awful loser you can't shake. She talked about her ex-husbands' infidelity and divorce + how she often, at times would miss him but, wouldn't feed into the temptation because missing someone is just a emotion (plus it makes sense). Leaving relationships in the past are tough! There gonna be times when you miss that person, but you can't go back (hence...the reason you left in the first place). Missing them is just an emotion. And that emotion will fade less and less as time progresses. Especially if that guy was no good for you in the first place. Don't give in because you deserve to be treated like the queen you are .xo

 But I do wanna end this post by saying that all men are bad, there are definitely some good guys out there. And sometimes it does seem like those bad ones just definitely over power them.....

-Love Rae xoxo


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