Painted Hardwood Flooring & Designs

With all the research I've been doing for inspiration for my bedroom/office renovation, I came across color hardwood floors! I've always dreamed of having white floors for my bedroom office, I just think that it adds a unique classic approach, rather than playing it safe with your normal brown hardwood floors or carpet. 

I haven't decided yet on what I wanted to do, because I'm still in the planning stages of the project, but it has to compliment my wallpaper. I'm currently waiting on my wallpaper samples, to come in the mail (they should be here any day now.) There's a really cool website that has all types of velvet flocked, metallic and mirror mylar wallpaper with cool designs . So I ordered a few samples from the site to decide which wallpaper I'm going to choose, then I'll focus on the flooring. Take a look at the incredible ways you can add some fun to your floors, the walls shouldn't be getting all the action! 


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