Only in New York

Only in New York can you be an audience member on a live taping daytime show (and leave with not 1, not 2, but 3 holiday gifts), get some awesome lunch and walk by a Fashion HQ's......All in one day!

Finally made it to Dean & Deluca, it's a very great Coffee Shop/Deli/Market spot to go to in the city, but with a very upscale vibe. There are only a very few Dean & Deluca in the states, there's a few in NYC, D.C., California/Napa Valley, North Carolina and Kansas + International Locations. 

Sandwich photo c/o yummyinthetummyblog 

 Had a little mishap with the Egg Nog Latte in front of Dean & Deluca, but it's all good. That was the best latte I ever had in my life! True Story.

I had the pleasure of getting this photo of the Coach Inc, 516 Headquarters Offices...the employees were just getting off work. Nothing more fun than working for a fashion label in the fashion capital.


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