Weekly Lavish: 5/18

Had a fairly good week. Blessed overall! My week of May 18th 2014, consist of church, a trip to the local Produce Junction, Lowe's (getting a Green Thumb, attempting to work on our front yard) and my fun everyday train commute back and forth to work. Since my job is located in Center City Philadelphia, I always have time to brainstorm and think. The greatest thinking places are the trains, escalators and elevators.

So, we finally decided to start with Pink Tiny Athlete Lillys and Mexican Heathers from Lowe's , this is my first attempt with gardening. My sister got into gardening last year, I wasn't really into it, basically just watched. This year I was all gamed, have you ever heard of "Curb Appeal"?? we'll that's what I'm aiming for. My grandmother was a incredible gardener, she had all types of flowers and vegetables (tomatoes, greens, etc) <<<none of that passed down to me BTW. For the most part gardening is a task and we're still working on it. Seems like it's going to be a fun process.

How beautiful were these bed of flowers??? Got a great shot of these with my phone. I can just sleep on them. 

Loving my Prints on a Train. My newest shoes I have are these cute little oxford style booties I picked up in Forever 21. They're called Perfect Printed Booties (here),  I guess we were destined because they were the only cute shoes they had in my size. There are still some left, but no size 10 of course.


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