Trend Report: Fall Prep Attire

I guess back-to-school is making a come back in fashion, literally! Fall 2012 is all about Varsity Jackets, Large-Scale Monograms and Plaids. It's funny how everything comes back around full circe and repeats itself, I would've definitly kept a few things from my mother or sister's closet from their 90s wardrobe.

Jil Sander, German fashion designer, is one of the many designers who are taking advantage of The New Fall Prep. 
Beyonce just recently celebrated her B-Day in another Jil Sander piece, but this is the V-neck monogrammed sweater. Cute relaxed look!!

Photo courtesy of Check them out by the way, they are my fav!!!!!!! (My sis and I are frequent everyday frequent lol)

I absolute would love to have one of these sweater for the fall. I adore fall season, because you have more options to dress-up and sweaters are definitely my thing (so is layering) + me and Jil Sander share the same first name initial :-) 


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