Reminiscing Over You, My God

It almost undoubtedly surprises me how styles always repeat themselves. But when I really think about it, I'm not all that surprised! It takes about 20 years for a style to resurface into the present. When I was in middle school around the early 2000s, 80s style was live in living color: from the Adidas Shell Tops and Track Suits, Guess Jeans, Bamboo Earrings with your name engraved and let's not forget about the airbrushed tshirts with your boo's name on it.

Step in to 2010s where, the millennials are just finding out how cool the 90s was, with Iggy's reenactment to the classic 90s film Clueless in her Fancy video...."As If" I wish I had an computerized closet to pick out my school clothes for me every morning. And everyone else is just getting the nostalgic feeling back, who actually lived through one of the coolest decades ever. Take this classic look for example you've seen worn be tons of today's style influences . This style has grace a few red carpets in this lifetime and survived over two decades: the basic tube and split skirt. Mariah Carey style was known for this sultry look while belting out those beautiful vocals with those strappy heeled sandals. Today this look is a little more form fitting, skirts are a bit more high waisted and modernized. Kim Kardashian has been wearing this look for quite sometime now, post her Kayne Style Transformation, and we're not mad at all to see this look resurface. A+


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