DIY Simple Christmas Bedroom Decoration

Had to bring a little holiday cheer to my bedroom. Being that I love Christmas so much, I thought I try something new and different. I got inspired from a H&M holiday ad that I seen on their home décor site + it also put me in the mind of Charlie Brown Christmas.

I wanted to try something simple and not too over the top. I gathered everyone in the family (mainly the children). I had everyone write in the cards and send their Christmas wish to Santa. It was so much fun to watch my niece and nephews write their wishes, even the little 3 year old with his scribble scrabble!

All the material purchased to create this idea = $3. Clothespins, Box of Christmas Cards and Twine, can all be picked up any Dollar Tree. I used a staple gun to hang the twine and clipped each card with the clothespin. Cut the twine once each card is in place. Each ends of the twine should be stapled at the ends (be sure to measure twine before cutting).


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  1. Love the Christmas Post fun holiday Cheer for the kids and adults.