Personal Retreat

Jhirae T. Original ..Sketches from my 2007 FIDM Application Portfolio

Sometimes you just wanna get away and do some soul searching....that's how I've been kinda feeling lately. Just the chance to sit back and observe life. Life is very beautiful, you only get one, so cherish it well. Time is one thing you will never get back, so choose your time wisely and don't waste it, especially on someone else's B.S. .

Lately I've been doing this thing called a personal retreat. It's just something that I came up with to gear up for my first time at NYFW. I wanted to have a clear mind when I went to focus solely on my work. A personal retreat is a inner personal voyage within yourself. It's no designated time frame to be on the personal retreat, it could last from a week, a few days or even a couple of hours. The main idea of a personal retreat is to not feed into to ANY kind of negativity whatsoever. And just do things that genuinely make YOU happy. Negativity can be toxic when you give it your energy, it can definitely weigh any sane person down. In life there's no way to avoid or get away from negativity, because there always someone saying or doing something plan out stupid, but! It's how you respond to it??? The answer is......DON'T Respond. Your reaction will create a reaction, then in-turn another reaction and then another reaction and so forth. To avoid a huge ulcer or a number raised on your B/P count. Just accept, release and let it's that simple!


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